Artist's Statement

"Art was my dream from my childhood but growing up in El Salvador my opportunities were limited.  I picked up a paint brush later in life in the US and have seen my dream come true with many successful exhibits, an artistic trip of a lifetime in Jerusalem and now my own gallery.  You never know what God may be waiting to do in your life if you will take the first step."  

- Tere Schwartzbart 

About The Gallery...

Galeria Bezalel is the home of artist Tere Schwartzbart.  This intimate venue is currently the only dedicated fine art gallery in Granada Hills.  Tere's style is both primative and refreshingly contemporary.  She avoids dark, cathartic, sometimes gruesome art in favor of childlike wonder and innocence.  She is known for landscapes, tropical fruits and abstracts both in monochrome and glorious color.  

Events & Exhibits
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Tere Schwartzbart

Highlighting the Glory of God